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Making the most of Small Business Systems Software?

Small Business Leaders can delay using software to make their systems better. Leaders can find themselves in a never-ending loop and can’t break free. The system feels like it’s stuck in first gear! Time starved leaders may struggle to prioritise improving their business system. Yet with tight budgets, they can’t afford to waste their precious time and resources. Ambitious leaders feel frustrated because they want the business to grow big and manageably.

With the right software to power their systems, small business leaders can achieve their goals. A business system that performs and inspires confidence. An effective business system means everyone involved with the business is a winner. Of course, it doesn’t always happen that way.

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Some leaders simply rollover and accept what they’ve got. They don’t challenge the way it’s done and make the necessary changes. They live with a business system that’s not working well. That results in poor performance and stressed employees. We believe people deserve an effective business system.

Fortunately, there are leaders like you that want their business to run well. They know that improving their system results in a stronger business. But sometimes they get stuck and need to look at the problem differently. And that’s what I’m going to cover in this article.

Find the Opportunities

Many small business leaders think of software and systems as a necessary evil. It’s not!  It’s actually about creating and delivering more value to customers. Look carefully at the value you deliver, and you’ll see many more opportunities. That’s exciting, isn’t it? Opportunities that are often only possible through innovative use of digital. So, what’s the secret? It’s all about how your business uniquely creates value.

Create More Value

Customers will reward you for creating more value. The more value you create, the more they’re willing to pay. The problem is that we can get stuck thinking about value in a certain way. The business system as a whole creates value. You’d be missing a trick only thinking about the business system in silos. It’s not just the individual parts, it’s also how they relate together. Software can help small business systems work together.

Let’s paint the picture with sales & marketing. Tom works in sales and creates value by helping customers understand their problem and guiding them to the right solution. However, before that, Sally in marketing may have built a relationship with the customer overtime. Sally may know useful information about the customer that can benefit Tom and the Customer. When Sally & Tom work together to deliver value to the customer, what they create is greater than the sum of their parts. And that’s where a unique opportunity to add value could be developed.

When different parts of the business work together in harmony, the customer receives a more valuable service. Valuable might mean accurate solutions, faster response or not having to repeat themselves. That’s possible by understanding value and using software to share the right information across the small business systems.

Prioritise Investment

Small business systems software is an investment. You’ve got to prioritise. One way to decide priority is to invest the most in what will deliver unique value. It means investing in what will deliver the most value and make you different from the competition. You can’t ignore other parts of the business. They will likely be a lower priority unless the gap is causing damage. Those investments will either be to keep up in your market or reduce cost for things you have to do, such as regulations.

Plan & Deliver Change

Small business leaders may buy software and not see systems improvement. That’s because it’s what you do with the software that counts.  The solution requires a plan to design, build and rollout the changes.


Thinking about software and systems as a necessary evil is a missed opportunity. It’s about effective Business Systems that use digital to enhance your value to customers. Often, you’ll discover opportunity to create value hidden in how different parts of the business work together. Building a better business system enables the ideas and aspirations of an entrepreneur come to fruition. An effective business system is what enables leaders to scale and improve performance.

Your Business Deserves an Effective System

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