Who We Are

Our passion is to improve business for people. We see each business as an ecosystem with it's own unique combination of people, processes and systems. As it grows and changes, it becomes more complex and dynamic. Our role is to listen and understand where you are now and where you want to be in the future. We walk alongside you to help you develop your competitive edge, grow and scale.

Who we Help

We help owners, directors and senior leaders that want to scale a business in Berkshire and surrounding counties, that employ more than 10 people, and are:

  • Ambitious and want to build solid foundations for growth
  • Overwhelmed with increasing complexity, stress and wanting to regain control
  • Feeling exposed to reputation risk as demand stretches the business and staff to the limit
  • Anxious that systems are not keeping up with growth, working long hours that's affecting staff & home life
  • Worried about inconsistencies and problems with on-boarding new staff
  • Concerned about increasing operating costs & repaying loans
  • Needing to spend more time on the business and a nagging feeling that things could be slicker
  • Looking to exit, good valuation and pass due diligence in the next 5 years

How We Help

We provide a unique approach to designing and implementing business and information systems. Our approach delivers high-level strategic views for the board, along with incremental and pragmatic implementation. We don’t lock you into a long-term contract. Our job is to keep delivering business value to keep your custom. We deliver through:

  • Assessment
  • Executive Overview
  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Review


Our Services

Create an Executive Edge

Helping the board plan the systems for the future, and keep them on track

Sharpen the Business Edge

Helping executives and managers design scalable systems for competitive advantage

Implement a Technology Edge

Helping managers and staff with technology roll out