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Business System – Why do I Need one?

Peace of mind and performance is why you need a business system. Without one, you can feel overwhelmed and worry you’ve missed something.  It’s about breaking the business into smaller manageable pieces that all flow and come together to make it all work.

Creating a brighter future

The recent global crisis has accelerated the use of digital, and we see business adapting to keep things running. Looking beyond the initial response, we wanted to help senior leaders to think beyond the next twelve to eighteen months and imagine a bigger and brighter future. We’ve created this series starting with the big picture in “Digital transformation – Why it creates Hope for your Future”. Then in part-two, we look at the mechanics in “Business System – Why do I Need One?”. Finally, in part-three, we look at “How to create a System for your Business”.

Your systems will be better if they’re designed to work together. Our guide, Business System: An Essential Guide to Growth, will help you design a robust system for better results.

Careful planning

Sam & I enjoy watching the TV series Grand Designs. There’s usually a point in the show when the presenter Kevin McCloud reviews the design with the participants. He might think that the ceiling height is too low, or raise a concern about privacy, or suggest a different way of bringing light into the building. Once it’s built, you’ve got to live with it, so you want to make doubly sure that it will work for you.

The business system is how everything fits together, and that’s why you want to get it right. The idea is to make it easy and enjoyable. You want to avoid delays, and make sure that everything flows, and nothings dragging you back. Thinking it through can avoid headaches later and seeing how it all fits together gives you a chance to spot things that might not work so well.

It’s better for your customers

Another reason why a business system is important is for your customers. Reducing delays and avoiding things falling between the gaps is good for you and your customers. It can be annoying for customers faced with a disorganised business. They might put up with it, but it will impact loyalty and how much they spend with you.

And your brand

That leads on to building a good reputation. Why wouldn’t you want consistently high-standards and efficiency through the business system? When you have consistent methods, you can learn how to improve. That learning helps you to up your game, but you can’t have that without a system.


In most small businesses it’s you that’s doing a good chunk of the work. When you and your staff are spending a good chunk of your time working, doesn’t it make sense to make it work well for you all. That’s why thinking about your business system is good for business – it works for everyone. If you’d like to have a chat about your business, give me a call on 01344 266567 or contact me on or DM on LinkedIn to arrange an exploratory meeting.

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