KR5 Consulting - Business Technology Consulting


We help leaders that feel exposed because of gaps in their business systems. The problem is they’re not sure how to plot a course to success. KR5 Consulting help them plan & use technology to meet their goals & build a stronger foundation for growth.

Our Values

We started our businesses to offer something different from companies that care more about sales targets than solving real problems.  We’re independent and a champion for your business. Our core values are:

  • Seek understanding – We seek to understand the people and the business to uncover both the vision and challenges. Busy people feel they don’t have time to capture their thoughts and concerns, yet these drive the business forward with purpose.
  • Journey together – We know that you build a successful businesses one step at a time. We walk with you to help you build long-term success. For us, the relationship is at the heart of what we do.
  • Challenge the status quo – Growing a business involves change that’s driven by where you want the business to be in the future. Your strategy and how you want to differentiate drives the change. We’ll help you identify the gaps, priorities and manage the change.
  • Doing the right thing – Doing the right thing is a long-term strategy. We’re more interested in your long-term success than our short-term gain.

Our People

Rogan Hounsell-Roberts - Consultant

In 1988 I started my career developing and integrating software. I soon discovered that the true value of digital technology is not in the software but in what software can do for business. This started a quest to gain a deeper understanding of business and how technology can both solve problems and create new opportunities.

Although I qualified in the 90s using business analysis and design techniques to digitise business processes, I felt something was missing. It took another two decades to realise that if you’re headed in the wrong direction digitising will only get you there faster.

The answer lay in the business eco-system. Seeing how a business creates value and how it creates new opportunities. But there was a big problem: There’s a massive misalignment between business and the use of digital (even in the biggest businesses in the world). Not just that, it was a broken process. Money wasted, overruns, and business not getting what it needed.

It was only as a product manager developing integration solutions and as a principal consultant working for numerous fortune 200 companies did the penny drop. The answer was simple. When you connect the business eco-system with the business system everything slots into place.

As a former co-founder of a technology start-up to scale-up for sixteen years, I developed a passion to help senior leaders of small and medium sized businesses. I knew the challenges of bringing in systems and applying technology for growth.

I created a framework that connects the business eco-system with the business system. It demystifies what needs to change to adapt and grow. Then it’s down to your ambition and what you decide to change first!

Samantha Hounsell-Roberts - Account Manager

I’m a people person with strengths in empathy and communication. My background in hospitality, nursing and raising a family have given me a deep understanding of the challenges people face in a workplace. I’ve lived the roller coaster of a start-up to scale-up business as a wife and mother, and I get it. I understand first-hand how stress at work can spill out into home life. My own experience of a high-pressured and fast-paced nursing career taught me the importance of systems: Systems that work for people on the front line, and the need for compassionate and supportive leadership.