About Us

Our Commitment

At KR5 Consulting we’re committed to being part of your team, using our skills, knowledge and experience to serve your business.  We want to understand your business through your eyes, help you plan, architect and implement systems, and be part of your journey to success. We're committed to listening, to better understand needs, and work in partnership to solve business problems. We're committed to mutually agreed steps, actions and outcomes. We're committed to your long-term success.


Our Passion

We’re passionate about business architecture, governance and systems. We’re excited about new ways of working that improve staff well-being and add value to your customers, suppliers and shareholders.  We're passionate about systems that enable the enterprise to work efficiently, grow and scale. We believe in long-term and continuous investment in business capabilities and business improvement for a sustainable and valuable enterprise.

Our Experience

We bring a wealth of experience gained through planning and implementing technology and process changes in organisations ranging from Start-up through to Fortune 100. Our skills and experience range from Business Architecture through to Implementation. We've worked in Technology, Property & Casualty Insurance, Life Insurance, Investment Banking, Retail Banking, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Publishing, Retail, Telecoms, Utilities, Government and Defence.

Our Values

Our independence and strong values put our customers first. Our values are:

  • Trust relationships, with open and honest conversations
  • Delivering business value to our customers for their success
  • Good communication and stakeholder engagement
  • Challenge the status quo, and encourage evidence-based decisions