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Why Choose Custom Software: Value in your Business

Leaders choose custom software when their business has a unique and valuable offering that’s blocked by gaps in their system. They can find that a standard solution is too limiting when they want to be more innovative and move faster. Businesses that want to run with an innovative idea may choose a custom approach that will meet their specific needs.

Many struggle with getting the best of out of technology. Our guide, Business Technology: Essential Guide to Best Use, will help you create a robust process to ensure your new tech achieves your aims.

Fuelling Innovation

An entrepreneur can spot an underserved market and know that their idea will make a significant difference. They discover that using what’s already out there either wouldn’t meet their need or would compromise the unique value they plan to deliver. At the back of their mind, they also fear that someone else may stumble across the same idea and bring it to market faster. They know that they need to be fast and be ready to scale. After all, they want to be the ones that deliver the best solution that customers deserve, and that means choosing custom software.

Other benefits of choosing custom software

Other than fulfilling an innovative idea, why do leaders choose custom software? It’s precisely designed for the way you work and captures the vital information you need without distraction. This means that it’s easier and faster to operate. Capturing your unique methods and ways of working adds value to the business. It’s often designed to scale quickly.

What about the cost?

But isn’t choosing custom software costly? Yes, but you’re weighing up building a uniquely valuable asset against the cost of that. It’s not just the cost, because there’s also the time it takes for the design and build process. It’s very different from buying a ready built product that you can start working with straight away. You also need to factor in the additional cost of support and of adding new features. When you buy a ready built product, you’ll often get new features automatically as part of their support contract.

Is there a hybrid option?

Choosing custom software doesn’t mean it’s all built from the ground up. Many software companies offer platforms. These give you many standard features and you can customise for your specific needs. There are also offerings designed to provide core functions where you create your own user front-end and experience. Using these options reduces cost and shorten timescales.


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