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Digital transformation – Why it creates Hope for your Future

Taking control of how your business future looks is why digital transformation must be at the centre of your plans. It’s not purely about technology, it’s about how the business achieves the best outcomes in the long run.

Rogan Hounsell-Roberts was a founder of a successful scale-up; has helped organisations across many sectors achieve success; a founder of KR5 Consulting; and passionate to help ambitious business leaders succeed.

Creating a brighter future

The recent global crisis has accelerated the use of digital, and we see business adapting to keep things running (Covid-19 accelerates UK digital transformation efforts by over five years). Looking beyond the initial response, we wanted to help senior leaders to think beyond the next twelve to eighteen months and imagine a bigger and brighter future. We’ve created this series starting with the big picture in “Digital transformation – Why it creates Hope for your Future”. Then in part-two, we look at the mechanics in “Business System – Why do I Need One?”. Finally, in part-three, we look at “How to create a System for your Business”.

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Look beyond the here and now

Many years ago, our faithful family car started to need more work done on it. It started with new shock absorbers. Then it was making a funny noise, and the garage were amazed we managed to drive it when they discovered the water pump hanging by a thread. Then it was the cylinder head! We loved that car so much and foolishly had that repaired too! In hindsight we should have seen the writing on the wall and replaced it much earlier.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, twenty-twenty vision. We hung on too long to our family car, all those memories and all the good maintenance. We didn’t want to let go, yet when we did change, we thought it was amazing (so fickle – I know). The reality is that our future is digital, and that’s why transformation is better sooner than too late.

Think Bigger

At the time we were enjoying family camping trips together. Although we’d got packing down to an art form, the kids were getting bigger. Squishing all our camping stuff around them was no longer an option – we needed a bigger car!

Senior leaders can struggle with thinking bigger, it can feel overwhelming when faced with a blank sheet of paper. That’s why the tools around digital transformation can be so empowering. When you can look at the business and your customers in a fresh light, the ideas start flowing.


Digital transformation allows you to reimagine your future, and why that thinking helps create better outcomes in the long run. It also helps you to describe why and what needs to change. If you’d like to have a chat about your business, give me a call on 01344 266567 or contact me on or DM on LinkedIn to arrange an exploratory meeting.

KR5 Consulting helps senior leaders to transform & refine their business for profitable growth. We work closely with leaders to assist them in their Digital Transformation; refining their Business System; and applying Digital Technology.

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