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How to improve technology that’s stuck

How do you improve technology you’ve bought for your business that’s sat doing nothing?

For whatever reason, your technology project to improve the business has stalled. In other words, you’re not getting a return on the invested time and money. Likewise, your project’s lost momentum and you risk losing face. You might also worry it’s a non-starter and unsure of what’s involved to get it back on track.

Many struggle with getting the best of out of technology. Our guide, Business Technology: Essential Guide to Best Use, will help you create a robust process to ensure your new tech achieves your aims.

Firstly, you want technology that improves your business measurably. Secondly, it fits like a glove and embraced by everyone because it makes jobs quicker and easier. That’s got to be good… right?

Unfortunately, too many businesses look more like a technology junk yard. As a result, the junk gets in the way and stops the business functioning. in the worst case, it endangers the business as it slows operations.

You can get your technology project back on track with these tips. Or you can use them to help you decide to cut your losses.

  • Have a good business reason for your major change. Bigger change projects fail if it’s not a business priority.
  • Involve people from the start. People that shape their own future are more engaged with change.
  • Check solution fit. Poor fitting technology makes improvement an up-hill battle.
  • Build a bridge. Map all the routes to getting everything that’s working today into the new solution.
  • Plan a rollout. Accept that it will take time to use a new solution and plan a logical sequence towards full adoption.

We get it, implementation can be messy and uncomfortable. Therefore, having an informed plan helps you stay on track and avoid pitfalls. Of course, if you’re planning a technology project, you might check out Technology Strategic Plan: The 7 Steps to Success.

KR5 Consulting can help you plan and adopt technology. With someone from outside the business, you can gain an objective view and clarity. Fresh input can also help unlock the potential in your business and help you make plans for a better future.