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7 Reasons to Embrace Digital Transformation

Business change is hard, so why embrace digital transformation? Why is it that some adoptions stall? Why do some fail to make it far enough to make a difference? And what’s so special about the few that succeed?

Senior leaders will probably know something’s not right but may struggle to put their finger on the real problem. The concept of a digital transformation might be unfamiliar. Leaders may push the idea of a significant change aside. It’s too big a task or there are other pressing issues. When you’re too close it’s often difficult to see that those pressing issues stem from a bigger problem. A problem that needs the business to embrace transformation.

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Business Response to Change

Transformation is part of business life. It’s part of creating a long-term future for any business. Why can I be so sure? The answer is simple, the world outside the business is constantly changing. You might shrug off a small change, but all those changes add up. Many business transformations are synonymous with harnessing digital technology, in part due to changing expectations.

Some businesses, in a moment of crisis may start to adopt technology. However, it’s not unusual for these adoptions to stall. Unless it’s a big enough crisis, it’s not enough to drive the change forward. As soon as the immediate crisis is over, there’s a loss in momentum, and the business carries on as usual. They’re not embracing digital transformation. They’re stuck in a rut.

Other businesses may take a longer view and recognise the need for change. They create a vision and develop plans. But they lack the energy, the culture, or the challenges of everyday tasks rob them of achieving their goals. There’s no follow through to make a difference.

Only a few are able to embrace digital transformation. These are businesses that know where they’re going and dig deep to get there. These are businesses that are responding or anticipating customer expectations. In other words, they’re positioning themselves for success.

Whether you’re on the journey or looking to the future, I thought I’d share a few reasons to encourage you on your business adventure.

#1 Smarter Execution

The main reason for embracing digital transformation is to do things better. Use technology to create a slicker and faster end to end service. That might involve getting closer to customers to be more responsive and better adapt to their needs.

#2 Convenience

Making life easier for customers to do business is always a plus. We’ll pay more for a takeaway we order on an app than phoning (ironic that it’s the same device). We’ll place an online order at eleven at night. Customers like convenience.

#3 Connecting with Customers

The reality is that most of our customers have a relationship with technology (perhaps more than they’d like to admit). Businesses embrace digital transformation to bridge that gap, supporting customers as they turn to their smartphone for answers. In return, customers often provide direct feedback to improve a service or offering.

#4 Timely & Accurate Information

It’s probably no surprise that timely & accurate information is a goal for using technology. Employees waste less time finding what they need. That translates to being more responsive to customer needs. Having better information also helps leaders lead, and managers manage!

#5 Increased Employee Engagement

Employees adapt to the tools and processes in a business, and in many cases that’s good. Unfortunately, they also adapt to things that don’t work so well. It’s stressful, takes longer and takes more energy. Embracing digital transformation is about giving them better tools to get their work done. They feel better and are more present. That’s good business!

#6 Business Improvement

Through digital transformation, there’s more clarity. You’ve got the data to monitor what’s going on. That means you can see the gaps and areas for improvement. You’ll have a dashboard to keep the business on track and keep it moving forward.

#7 New Offerings

Technology can enable innovation. You can create new services or offerings. For example, online portals, planning and estimating tools, or other ways of meeting your customer’s needs.


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