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What is digital strategy, and can it help me scale?

What is digital strategy? Do you have moments when you wonder if you’ve got the right business model; is it tough to stand out from the crowd; or perhaps, hitting a roadblock because you don’t have resources to push beyond – then read on.

Rogan Hounsell-Roberts was a founder of a successful scale-up; has helped organisations across many sectors achieve success; is a founder of KR5 Consulting; and has a passion for helping ambitious business owners scale-up and exit. 

Behind the buzz words there are the trends and bright future possibilities. Over the coming four-part series “Business strategy on the right track?”, we take a look at different aspects and examples to inspire you to take a fresh ‘digital’ look at your business.

What is digital strategy?

A digital strategy is tricky to pin down because it means different things to different people. Check out my LinkedIn article “Digital Strategy in a Nutshell”. For some it’s about marketing, websites and social media. That’s not what we’re covering here. In this series we look at using digital to deliver a vision, moving a business to the next level. That might add value to an existing product, or it might be something new. It might create a new market or disrupt an existing one. Who knows what exciting new ideas will be on the horizon?

What we have in store

In this series we’re going to take a journey to open up new and exciting ways to take a fresh look. When it’s easy to think it can only work one way, it’s great to change your view to think about how things could be better. We hope it will help you to fly higher and faster. Let’s start to unpack “What is digital strategy” by introducing our series topics.

Raising your game

If you’re a business with an existing product or service, how do you raise your game? In some markets, it’s more difficult to stay ahead of the competition. That’s what we cover in part-two, “Increasing value for your business with digital”. This is where we talk about adding a digital element to an existing product, making it more unique and attractive.

Scale with digital

We’ve all seen how digital has changed the way we do things. From online shopping to changing energy supplier; or from online banking to managing our insurance. Why did these businesses change from a traditional approach? Digital is great to help a business scale. In part-three, we take a look at changing the way we do business in “Cost structure – thinking differently”. You might also take a look at “Digital transformation in Business“.

Break the mould

If you’re open to starting with a blank canvas, then part-four “Digital value chain – breaking the mould” is for you. We look at companies that surprise everyone and come out of left field. They might disrupt a traditional market, or it might be a completely new idea. They look very different from other companies – they break the mould.

Join us on the journey

Over the coming weeks, we’re looking forward to sharing how digital can give a real uplift. We wanted to answer the question “what is digital strategy” by giving real examples and taking a deeper look at some of the approaches. We hope you’ll join us on our digital journey.  You never know, perhaps it will ignite an idea that will take you beyond anything you thought possible!

At KR5 Consulting, we’re here to help business leaders achieve their vision. Your goal might be to grow & scale, turnaround or exit. Through understanding your business, we uniquely assist you to reach your destination. We help you plan, choose software, build, and deliver your projects. Our purpose is to help you accelerate, increase profits, scale-up, acquire customers and beat the competition.

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