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How do I Manage Change and Keep People Happy?

Whilst change is certain, you might wonder how to manage change and make it work for everyone. It’s natural to resist the discomfort of change, yet managing change is key to long-term success. The right approach and having a process can make all the difference. Although our series has tackled the change due to Brexit, the principles are the same.

Keeping your head with the changing tide

In this series “Keeping your head with the changing tide”, we grapple with the changes in trading with the EU. We explore how to steer your business systems for better export results. Firstly, we set the scene in “Export System: Gain Better Clarity to Avoid Confusion”. Our second article looked at “How to Reduce Export Cost with Digital”. In our third article, we looked at reducing paperwork and improving flow in “Avoid Feeling Exposed with an Electronic Customs Declaration”. Finally, in this article, we round off with “How do I Manage Change and Keep People Happy?”.

Managing change and keeping people happy is easier when you’ve a clear business system. Our Business System: An Essential Guide to Growth guide will help you design a robust system for better results.

Start with Why!

Change is disruptive and there’s an emotional cost. The question at the back of people’s minds will be “is it worth it?”. There has to be a compelling business reason to change. The first step in managing change is to make sure you nail why you’re doing it in the first place.

Unfortunately, too many jump without looking. Ideally, if you’re going to make a significant change, it’s got to tie in with tangible growth. You might not be able to fully quantify the opportunity, but it’s got to make sense for the future of the business.

Win early support and keep people onboard!

Sudden change forced on anyone is not likely to go down well. Therefore, involve people as early as possible to indicate why things need to change and gain their support. Use an outline timetable to manage expectation. This will help people prepare themselves and provide an opportunity to indicate how you’ll involve them in shaping the outcome. Listen to concerns to reduce anxiety and use their experience to ensure overall success.

Plan & execute carefully!

Planning helps manage the change by identifying the steps for training, data migration and switch over. Allowing time and providing resources for the adjustment will make the journey smoother and less disruptive.

When you move people to a new system, they might feel anxious about their performance and what’s expected. Ideally you want everyone to feel confident they’ll be able to get their job done. It’s helpful to recognise and be open that there will be a learning curve. There may be a need for more support and time to adjust.


Managing change can be complex when it involves technology. A clear understanding of what’s involved and the steps to get there can make all the difference.  If you’d like to have a chat about your requirements, give me a call on 01344 266567 or contact me on or DM on LinkedIn to arrange an initial meeting.